Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RESCUE: Sponsorship needed by tomorrow to save 19 puppies from euthanasia -- Can you or someone you know help?

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Sponsorship is urgently needed to save these puppies in rural NC. If not rescued, they will be euthanised. Deadline is tomorrow and Help Save One can pull only as many as they have sponsorship for.

You can donate at http://www.helpsaveone.org/urgent-dogs.html Scroll down to the yellow donate button beneath the information and photos of the puppies.

Please donate what/if you can and forward so that others will have the opportunity to help, as well.

Thank you for giving these puppies a chance at life.

-- Suzanne


19 Puppies in Danger - North Carolina - Help us Help Them!
Today at 11:04am
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Two days ago we found out about Duplin Shelter had twenty puppies that were in danger. This shelter is in North Carolina and is in a farming community. There is very little help there and the volunteer was searching for a rescue to take them in.

These are very adoptable puppies who can certainly have a long, good life. I just called Wallace Animal Hospital and they are putting together an estimate on this.

These puppies need a week - 2 weeks of quarantine, shots, deworming, flea/tick treatment, health certificates, and transport.

We will pull as many as we have sponsorship for. We are in the hole from the Spalding dogs we went and pulled without full sponsorship and Help Save One is having to kick in almost $2000 that we fell short so we absolutely can not take any chances with this rescue mission.

Many times people question why it is so expensive - its because we have to do everything correctly. We can't just pull puppies from a rural shelter and place them unvetted and unquarantined on a transport. They need to be medically sound before transport and even when they get up here we generally have to have them held an additional week. Puppies are far more expensive to rescue than adults.

Fingers crossed we can pull this off. Deadline is tomorrow.

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