Thursday, March 24, 2011

FOUND! $300 Reward Black Lab LOST "Chip" last seen 3/24 4pm @ Manning SC SuperWalMart

UPDATED: 4:08pm EST 3/25/11

24PetWatch Microchip ID

FOUND! ..  The lady who works in the hotel, Quality Inn in Manning , whose Front Desk rep, Rob, totally helped last night, where my dad was staying over to stay in Manning to find the dog.. found him.. and praying apparently has worked.

The lady who found him did track me down via phone from the MicroChip, but.. coincidentally my dad was walking the two other dogs, and the lady just bumped into him more or less.

The good news is that Manning SC / Clarendon is a No Kill County. The Vet Tech who scans the dogs into animal control and into the Second Chance Humane Society (No Kill) is on the look out. The County Clerk has forwarded this to the Police Chief, and I think the Fire Chief. Everyone over there was so helpful.

Thanks to all of you for all your help.

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FOUND!!! RT @BryanGrant: $300 Reward Black Lab LOST "Chip" Manning SC SuperWalMart

Thanks to all who have crossposted and tweeted.

Lost Black Lab "Chip" (Lab Mix) Photo Album

Last seen: SuperWalmart Manning SC 4pm Thursday 3/24/2011

Posted reward of $300.

Please forward/crosspost this to all relevant Pet Rescue & Animal Control lists in Eastern South Carolina

24PetWatch Microchip ID 0A10394000

Please advise of best "Lost & Found" Pet websites.

Direct Contact: Bryan Grant
Cell: (404) 932-6399.

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RT @bryangrant Manning SC Lost Black Lab "Chip" 3/24 4pmlast seen@WalMart $300 Reward via @seprr

My black lab mix, "Chip" has been lost at the SuperWalMart in Manning SC. He does NOT have a collar, but has a MICROCHIP. I'm pretty sure SC does not require Animal Control to scan for MicroChips upon intake.

My father has a 99% confidence level he was lost in the field next to Manning SC WalMart behind the filling station in the front left of the WalMart. He was lost between 4pm and 5:30pm March 24th,2011

Chip was on vacation with my father at the beach, so I was not present when he was lost.

Backstory: My father, who is retired, "borrows" my three labs every other month to take them over to the beach in Pawleys Island SC. This has been a good arrangement for several years, since the labs all get to swim all week, and I can put my nose to the grindstone at the salt mines. I ask repeatedly for him to keep the collars on the dogs, but he usually removes the collars in the car or indoors for "comfort" and has paid little heed to these requests.

During the drive to/from the beach my father stops every 100 miles to exercise them. He apparently mistook the headcount or Chip slipped out of the car before the door was shut. I have no idea at all how this could ever possibly happen. I am beside myself with stress.