Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walton County GA Animal Control Many Pups Facing PTS very soon.

Please share on Twitter: RT @seprr Walton Animal Control near ATL GA. Time running out for pups! #petrescue

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Greetings again all rescuers,
Looks like the winter slow down has ended (I hope temporarily). We've gone from a half empty kennel over the last 2 months to full in two days. I just wanted to send out some photos since it looks like we'll be making some tough decisions soon.

I want all of them to at least have a chance of being seen. Please don't hesitate to inquire about any of these, especially the bigger spaniel/lab mixed pups, if you might be interested. All the pups in this email are available now and don't have any pending applications. More info and the status of each can be found on our site
"Apache" and "Myrtle" on our site are also in a very precarious and urgent situation.

William Wise, Director
Walton County Animal Control
(770) 267-1322 <> <>