Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Pet Rescue/Disaster Recovery:

SE Pet Rescue Railroad (@seprr)  has  drafted this guide to share with FEMA/Govt officials during the onset of Tornados regarding how to organize the rescue, recovery, and return of displaced pets during emergencies. 

The very same SOP will work for the Hurricane Sandy recovery mission, BUT.. we need your help in sharing this with local and state officials in the affected areas. (Tornado paths are very clear and reasonably limited in scope, therefore reaching relevant officials is very straightforward. In the context of a widespread emergency covering 5-7 states and at least 3 countries, we simply do not have the staff /funding to disseminate the information.)

Please use this tweet as a basis to help share. It can be sent as a text or posted anywhere! Thanks!! 

RT @seprr #Sandy Pet Distaster Recovery: READ & SHARE B4 adopting out recovered Pets to new owners 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

FAQ for Stray, Wayward, & Lost Pets

FAQ for Stray, Wayward, & Lost Pets (via @SEPRR)

When anyone finds a Wayward Pet, the course of action is straightforward:

Part One: Finding the Pet's Owner:
1- Secure & safely isolate the animal. Provide a quiet warm location with Bedding, Water, something to chew on, and basic food.
2- Call, Text, AND Email the Contacts on the Tags. (Do all 3!)
3- Visit any vet clinic;Scan for a Microchip. (If there is a MicroChip, the Vet will often secure the pet until it's owner arrives. Your work is done!)

Note: In ITP Atlanta, PetSmart is open on Saturdays. Pets Are People Too behind Ansley Mall is open 24/7.
4- Take Some Pictures and then Empower Your Posts! 15 minute Social Media Primer for Pet Rescuers:
5- Post the pictures to a Public Album. (Note: FB requires a user login even if the Album is Public. Google+ is truly public, not requiring a login. Hence, post the photos to G+. )

If all these efforts fail:
Eventually, you will have to take your Wayward Pet to Animal Services. When doing so, Stress to Intake Personnel the Pet is a Stray and NOT "Owner Turn In"

Want to know more? Owner Turn-In's can be Euthanized the same day. Strays have a 7 Day hold / owner recovery period. After which time, the animal is "reviewed" (the "Review Date") given a list of circumstances that may or may have anything at all to do with the disposition or health of the pet, the pet can then be euthanized on or after the Review Date. Groups like BHVF raise money so the Pets can be held for adoption after the Review Date has passed, however there is a finite number of pets that can be held for an extended period of time, and the number varies based upon available resources of money, space, fosters, and volunteers. So fostering is a good way to help these pets live and find a home. Usually all the pets need is a bit of extra time to find a home. Policies can and do vary over time.

Part Two:  Rescuing the Pet after surrender to Animal Services:
  • If you plan on making sure the pet survives or is more easily rescued, please consider administering a round of shots before surrendering to Animal Services. Rescues spend most of the funding on vet bills for pets that contracted a condition in animal control. Why? Animals are not usually given shots in any animal control. Fulton County often will thanks to BHVF funding & other grants, but you will need to double check before you turn them in. 

    Want to know more? Processing in Animal Service is a legal requirement that clears any claim of title the prior owner may have had if the prior owner fails to recover the animal within the Owner Reclaim period. This is enables the animal to be adopted by new owners without the possibility of the prior owner suing for custody of the pet.

  • Identify a Foster with a Rescue Group Willing to Foster the Pet.
  • Apply to become a Foster
- Angels is a very good organization that handles cats & dogs of any age/breed/mix (Fostering with Angels)
- Friends of Fulton County Animal Services now has a solid fostering program Contact Robbie Caban, FCAS Volunteer Coordinator for an application.
  • Promote the Pet to find a Rescue or Foster: Use this article to empower your Social Media reach and save your new Furry Friend!

Want to know more? Rescue groups focus their efforts on homeless pets on death row in Kill Shelters. While Atlanta Humane Society does kill some pets during the intake process, it is not considered a Kill Shelter. The difference is simply the level of killing that takes place.  View 2009 Animal Control Statistics for GA here.  Even with so-called No Kill Shelters, consider the fate of a pet that arrives after the No Kill Shelter is full? That animal will likely be redirected to a "Kill Shelter" unless immediate fostering/rescue resources can be secured. 

Suffice it to say, that
given limited resources of rescues, if the pet is not already on death row, a rescue will not be able to bring (or "pull") the pet into their network without you personally stepping up to foster the pet.

Simply opening your home to the pet as a foster parent and shuttling them to/from adoption events is sufficient.

Find a pet rescue near you:
For your own sanity, find a rescue with pet adoption events close to your homeVisit the larger pet stores near your home and ask the store manager for the rescue groups contact info that hold events at that store. Then apply directly to those groups, then pull the dog yourself as a qualified foster into the rescue. Make sure they have frequent adoption events so you can show off your foster! 

When Apply to become a Foster, ask the Rescue for all the items the pet will need: A kennel, animal ID#, a supply of food, existing health records, medications, leashes, the direct link on the website where the pet is listed ( etc), schedule of remaining vet appointments, location of the vet, and a list of upcoming adoption events.

For our Furry Friends!

Bryan "Beau" Grant
Co-Founder, Fix Georgia Pets

Wags McGruff's FB Profile:
Fan Page:
Email ListServer:

Save Homeless Pets Once & For All! Support 3 years of Free Spay & Neuter!
Detailed Policy Proposal via @bryangrant

Friday, August 17, 2012 Two GSD available for immediate #PetRescue / adoption! #ATL #FULTON #GA


Description: cid:image005.png@01CD7645.40658B30

TAZ - ID#A444447
TAZ 1yo Male GSD
Available for Adoption/Urgent #PetRescue Needed #ATL #FULTON #GA
Please share for these two German Shepherds (GSD)! 

Let's make their dream of finding a good home come true!

There were a total of Five GSD's in need of #PetRescue, and just these two remain!

Please find an online adoption application here!

Rescues, as always, are welcome! 

To save these Two wonderful Shepherds, please contact us:

Fulton County Animal Services 
Roberta Caban
Foster/Volunteer/Rescue Coordinator
Fulton County Animal Services
860 Marietta Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30318

Description: cid:image002.png@01CD7645.40658B30
Jade 4 Yr Old Male German Shepherd ID#444673 review date 8/9

Tweeps - Here is what you may need to Share and RT! Y'all know what to do! 
Send them as a Text Message too!

TAZ - ID#A444447
TAZ 1yo Male GSD Available for Adoption/Urgent #PetRescue Needed! [Review date 8/9]  #ATL #FULTON #GA

JADE - ID#A444673
Jade 4yo Male GSD Available for Adoption/Urgent #PetRescue Needed! [Review date 8/9] #ATL #FULTON #GA

 2 GSD Available @FCASPets for Adoption/Urgent #PetRescue Needed! [Review date 8/9]  #ATL #FULTON #GA via @SEPRR

Direct Link to Blog Post:
Spay Neuter Assistance Form:

Monday, July 16, 2012


PLEASE HELP if you can and always CROSS-POST to SAVE LIVES!

Thank you very much � Networking saves lives!
Please contact the shelter or the person(s) listed below
Please do not hit �reply�.

Lydia 2

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robin Rawls <robin@...>
Date: Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 12:48 AM

[Attachment(s) from Robin Rawls included below]
Below are photos of Lydia ( a gorgeous torbie) and her 5 remaining babies, and last but not least, precious boy, Obie.  These cats will be the next to "go down" at Clayton Co. Animal Control.  Because of the new rule that greatly restricts the amount of time we have to find either rescue or adoption for these sweet cats, Lydia, her babies and Obie will all go down on Tuesday morning.  Lydia and Obie are just sweet as can be, and the innocent and they have not even had a chance to live yet.  Please contact me or CCAC if you can help, and please don't wait til the last greatly complicates things to try and pull everything together at the last minute.  Lydia's AC# is 122973  (babies still fall under her #) and Obie's AC# is 122972.
Robin Rawls
Clayton Co. Animal Control
-- Help support The Clayton County Humane Society by visiting
For more information about The Clayton County Humane Society visit
To see URGENT cats at Clayton County Animal Control go to


Thank you very much � Networking saves lives!
Please contact the shelter or the person(s) listed below
Please do not hit �reply�.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ginny Milner's Rescue's Current Dogs for Adoption!

Please visit here!

Thanks for supporting Spaying and Neutering as a solution to save Georgia's homeless pets!

To learn more about a statewide initiative for policy reforms, please visit:

Take 15 Minutes to LEARN TWITTER FOR RESCUE: Twitter Primer for Rescue & non-profits #petrescue via @seprr & @tribedogs 

Fostering 101 via @angelsrescue ! Pass it on to those interested in hands-on helping #petrescue!

Got Faith? Earth, Animals, & Biblical "Stewardship" #petrescue via @seprr

For any donations to help us spay and neuter Georgia please send it to:
ACRF/Spay and Neuter Georgia
P.O Box 76323
Atlanta, Georgia 30358

Please share the word for these lovable, yet homeless, dogs! 

Ginny Milner's Rescue's Current Dogs for Adoption! #petrescue #atl #ga #gapol

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Beagle Male
2 yrs.

Black Lab
2 yrs.

Bloodhound-Redbone mix
2 yrs.

Duke - Red Bone Bloodhound

Hound Mix
1-1/2 yrs.

Husky Mix
2 yrs.