Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Pet Rescue/Disaster Recovery:

SE Pet Rescue Railroad (@seprr)  has  drafted this guide to share with FEMA/Govt officials during the onset of Tornados regarding how to organize the rescue, recovery, and return of displaced pets during emergencies. 

The very same SOP will work for the Hurricane Sandy recovery mission, BUT.. we need your help in sharing this with local and state officials in the affected areas. (Tornado paths are very clear and reasonably limited in scope, therefore reaching relevant officials is very straightforward. In the context of a widespread emergency covering 5-7 states and at least 3 countries, we simply do not have the staff /funding to disseminate the information.)

Please use this tweet as a basis to help share. It can be sent as a text or posted anywhere! Thanks!! 

RT @seprr #Sandy Pet Distaster Recovery: READ & SHARE B4 adopting out recovered Pets to new owners 

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