Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Help Save One Needs Donations for Dogs Pulled from High Kill Shelter in GA

PLEASE RE-TWEET: RT @sepetrescue #RESCUE Donations urgently needed for Dogs Pulled from High Kill Shelter in GA http://bit.ly/6eFjVy


Help Save One has pulled a large number of dogs from a very high kill shelter in GA in the past two weeks. There have been some unexpected costs and funds are urgently needed.

Please read Marissa's message below and donate if/what you can. Then please forward this message so that other people may have the opportunity to help, as well.

Scroll down to the yellow "Donate" button under the "Urgent Dog Fund": http://www.helpsaveone.org/urgent-dogs.html

Thank you,

"You cannot change the world by saving one animal, but for that one animal you can change the world."

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Some of you may know the story that we pulled 16 dogs from Spalding thus far in the last few weeks. We so far have paid the boarding place $2000 for the Spalding dogs that we pulled on Christmas Eve and have secured transport for them and placed a downpayment on that of $1300 (we will owe more but at least most of the payment is set). The boarding facility is still owed another $1300 (they require everything be prepaid including vetting so we work off estimates).

She can not pick up any more dogs from the shelter until this is paid and she is wanting the payment today which would pay her in full. Can you all help me raise some funds. This cost way more than we could ever anticipated. I am not sorry we did it but this bill is kind of keeping me awake at night.

They have their own little tracker on our site:

Marissa Stracaluzi
President & Co-Founder
Help Save One, Inc
Fax: 401-633-6299

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