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TRANSPORT: 1/9 Huntsville AL to Columbus OH 1 Dox puppy

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Transport Route: Huntsville, AL to Columbus, OH

This is an All American Dachshund Rescue sponsored transport.

· a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Passenger Information is at the bottom of this sheet.

· Foster Home to Forever/Foster Home

· All Foster Homes and/or Forever Homes Approved VIA Home Visits and Reference/Vet Checks

· UTD on rabies as required by law. Any other vaccinations not UTD are listed in passenger information.

· Traveling with HEALTH CERTIFICATE, leash, collar or slip lead, vet records


Transport coordinator: Heather Clemmer

If you can help, please respond to with the following information:

1. Full Name:

2. Cell Number:

3. Home Number:

4. Email:

5. Vehicle Description:

6. General Description of you (for your safety):

7. Suggested Meeting Place for the beginning of your transport leg:

8. Suggested Meeting Place for the end of your transport leg:

9. Person to contact in case of emergency (name and phone number):

(Your privacy will be respected and this information will only be shared with others on this transport)

· If you have any routing suggestions / corrections, please feel free to let me know.

· *10 – 15 minutes have been added to each leg to allow for potty breaks and transfer of dog + paperwork

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Leg 1: Huntsville, AL to Columbia, TN- FILLED! Thanks, Larry

· 7AM-8:27AM (1 hr 27 min/76 mi)

Leg 2: Columbia, TN to Milllersville, TN-NEEDED

· 8:37AM-9:44AM (1 hr 7 min/62 mi)

Leg 3: Millersville, TN to Bowling Green, KY-NEEDED

· 9:54AM-10:45AM (51 mi/49min)

Leg 4: Bowling Green, KY to Elizabethtown, KY-NEEDED

· 10:55AM-12:04PM (1:04PM EST) (1 hr 9 min/71 mi)

Leg 5: Elizabethtown, KY to Lexington, KY-NEEDED


· 1:14PM-2:39PM (1 hr 25 min/85 mi)

Leg 6: Lexington, KY to Columbus, OH-FILLED! Thanks, Diana

· 2:39PM-5:56PM (3 hrs 7 min/189 mi) HOME FOR CUPID!

Ø Traveling from Foster Home: Stephanie and Larry Burmeister, Huntsville, AL

Ø Traveling to Forever Home: Diana, Columbus, OH

Passenger 1: to Diana, Columbus, OH

Name: Cupid

Breed: Dachshund

Age: 9 weeks, male

Temperament: He is a tiny little boy and needs a dedicated lap or crate to keep him safe during transport. He is too little for a leash/collar and must not be let down to potty without someone watching him one on one in a safe area away from traffic. He is tiny but can move quickly.

Weight: 2 pounds

Crate: Not provided, but recommended

Altered: No, he’s just a puppy

Shots: Yes, UTD (for his age).

Traveling with: HEALTH CERTIFICATE, Blanket, puppy chow and a chew treat.

If you can help, please contact Heather Clemmer 256-547-9957

Thank you!

Heather Clemmer

Transport Coordinator for All American Dachshund Rescue

You can’t save every animal in the world, but to the one you save, it is the world.

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