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RESCUE: UPDATE: Harley desperately needs foster and funds for surgery to repair painful leg injury, heartworm


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Harley's rescuers are still desperately seeking a foster and funding for surgery to repair a very painful leg injury and heart worm treatment. Please donate if/what you can and forward so that others may have the opportunity to help, as well. An update from his rescuer is below. Thank you, Suzanne


UPDATE: Harley desperately needs foster and funds for surgery to repair painful leg injury, heartworm
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Remember Harley?


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For months his Good Samaritan and others paid for his boarding and desperately searched for the loving home this sweet boy deserves. He was taken into rescue but he is still boarding while the search for a foster continues. He is a wonderful dog but too many people fear the breed out of ignorance and an unwillingness to learn.

Below is a message/update from Harley's rescue who are trying so desperately to get him the care he needs.

Please can you help and share and forward this message to others so that they may have the opportunity to help, as well.

Thank you,

I have been spending time with him every couple of days, and his attitude is great. He has to be in pain, yet he is still so thankful to have his belly rubbed and ears scratched. He has come so far, from being 20 lbs underweight, with no one to help him, to what he is now.

He has so much promise, and I can't give up on him. He has beaten the odds so far, and only has us to help him. He captures the hearts of those who meet him, especially me. I adore this guy, and I can promise he will have nothing but the best home when he is available for adoption. I am just hoping we will be able to get him to that point, and soon.

We have yet to find a foster, due to fear of breed, mostly. Plus he has special needs after surgery and treatment, which can be a little intimidating for some people.

My personal dog is a 63 lb APBT, with a penchant for playing very rough, and I also am fostering a 68 lb American Staffie. My home would not be the safest place for him. Otherwise, I would have him with me in a heartbeat. But I can't take the risk of damaging his leg, or heart. Between 5 foster parents, and around 50 dogs [in our rescue network], there just isn't a place for him to recuperate safely.

The kind of foster home he needs is a safe place that is relatively calm and relaxed. As a friend of mine put it " A boring place to hang out". The less activity the better, so that he will heal faster, and the risks of complications are lower.

It would be a minimum of 90 days, maybe longer depending on how quickly we can find a foster, and how much of his funds we have left when we do.

I am in the process of applying for a couple of grants, but the prerequisites for one of them is a foster family.

With out the foster, it will be $810.00 just for boarding at the vet, for the 90 days. The surgery is $1200.00 and the heart worming is only $300.00.

We have enough left for the heart worm treatment, but the specialist does not want to do surgery on a dog being treated for heart worms. They want to do surgery before, due to the chances of blood pressure changes, and the stress of the surgery.

With out a foster, and funding for the rest of the surgery, our hands are tied. We are using a little each day for boarding, but it adds up quickly.

As of right now, he has $493.00 left. If we find a foster today, then we will only need to raise a little over $1,000.00.

To proceed with out a foster, $810 MIN. on boarding for the duration of treatment, and surgery. The total amount we will need will be based entirely on how quickly we can raise the funds for the surgery. The longer he is boarded before surgery, the more he will have coming out of his fund. The complete total amount needed w/out the foster is $2,310.00.

What we need most is someone to foster, and the funding for the remainder, OR enough funding to go through the surgery, and boarding, quickly. The longer it takes, the less money he has. As it stands, we have enough for his heart worm treatment, but the longer we go with out a foster, or the funding, the less chance we have of having enough funding for even that.

We have been referred to a specialist, so when it comes to donations, the best route at the moment would be to use pay by check to AARF, and then the pay pal account. Abbott's is not doing the surgery, only the heart worm treatment. That way we can make sure the funds are readily available to his surgery, which is the primary concern, and then be able to take care of his heartworming treatment seperately.

Check donations can be made to our address below, and just note Harley that way it can go directly to his fund.

Adopt A Rescued Friend
P. O. Box 62736
Houston, TX 77205-2681

Paypal can also be used, and just note that the donation is for Harley. PayPal does take a % of the transaction though,which is why donation by check is preferred, if possible.

The linkto donate is on the bottom of our home page: http://www.adoptarescuedfriend.org

We are still updating it, and Harley isn't up yet, but he will be soon. We all know that the holidays tend to make things hectic.

Donations are tax deductible. A print out of the Pay Pal receipt can be used as a donation receipt. If another receipt is needed, I can scan and email, snail mail, or fax a copy.

If you have any questions, just email me, foreverbugg@gmail.com, and I can give you my cell from there.
This sweet boy is in a lot of pain and really needs your help.

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