Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Please help "Christmas", a Great Pyrenees Service Dog, get back to work

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Suzanne Shaps said...


<< Christmas writes:

"I am a very beautiful, hard working and very friendly Great Pyrenees Service Dog who began training at 13 weeks and almost 2 years old now.

I was Donated from a Breeder in New York.
I received on the job training to assist in numerous ways including Mobility my guardian, who was disabled by Breast Cancer Treatment.

As I matured it turned out that I have hyper-extended hocks/popping hocks and desperately need braces for my hocks on my back legs. With these braces I can lead a normal service dog life, even carrying groceries and carting and more fun; run and wrestle and play. There is a working police dog wearing such braces. My hocks may even get strong enough with them that I may no longer need them.

Without these braces my hips will become very displastic and I will be crippled with the hips and severe arthritis and not be able to work or play...even now, I start to fall over just trying to lift my leg to christen a tree or bush.

A kind vet has set up an account and is taking donations so that I might be fitted with a saving pair of braces.

If you could find it in your heart to save me from a life of crippling pain and possible destruction please send this to anyone you think might help and send a donation to:

Broadview Animal Clinic
10300 E Evans Ave
Denver, Co 80247
Acct # 35627 For
Christmas Service Dog

Thank you and God Bless! >>