Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SE PET RESCUE RAILROAD’s Animal Welfare Slate

We sent this out via Twitter & Facebook yesterday for folks to use.
One person we failed to mention was Brian Westlake, who is a pet lover.
Though new to the movement, is sympathetic to the problem and wants change.

SE PET RESCUE RAILROAD’s Animal Welfare Slate
: Supports Animal Welfare   X: Actively opposes Animal Welfare Bills.
Dept of Agriculture:  Gary Ward Black Sr. (R)    X J.B. Powell (D) 
Attorney General: Bob Teilhet (D)
Insurance Commissioner  Tom Knox 
Department of Labor X Mark Butler (R) actively opposed the Anti-Gassing & Anti-Freeze Bills
Candidates for Governor  Karen Handel (R)   Dubose Porter (D) 
[(maybe) Roy Barnes (D) 
Candidates for Lt. Governor   Carol Porter (D) Hands On Rescuer and Advocat
The following officials have demonstrated support of Animal Welfare bills in the House. 
 Tom Knox,   Michelle Henson,   Rashad Taylor,   Edward Lindsey (R House Whip),   Able Mabel Thomas  
Other Candidates of Note:   Mary Norwood

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