Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Georgia Primary Election: Results and how our Animal Welfare Slate performed!

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The votes are in and the count is mostly complete.

All current results are here on the Secretary of State's official results page.

Use the Discussion Page to post any candidates you know about who do support Animal Welfare in Georgia. Be sure to include their District, web page, and anything of note they do to protect Animals in Georgia. 

Conversely, if you know of a politician who is actively opposed to reasonable reforms, such as J.B. Powell (Dept of Ag Candidate) or Mark Butler (Dept of Labor Candidate), please ACCURATELY state your opinion and provide as much evidence as possible to increase the credibility of the criticism.

Note to Newbies: This is a primary election. This means each office can have two winners, one for each of the two parties, Republican and Democrat. Other parties in Georgia do not participate in the Primary Election.

SE PET RESCUE RAILROAD’s Animal Welfare Slate
: Supports Animal Welfare   X: Actively opposes Animal Welfare Bills.
Dept of Agriculture:  
WON Gary Ward Black Sr. (R)WON X J.B. Powell (D) 
Attorney General
Bob Teilhet (D)
State School Superintendent:
LOST ✓Brian Westlake (D)

Insurance Commissioner:
 Tom Knox (R)
Department of Labor:WON X Mark Butler (R) actively opposed the Anti-Gassing & Anti-Freeze Bills
Candidates for Governor:RUNOFF (vs N. Deal) Karen Handel (R) 
 Dubose Porter (D) 
WON Roy Barnes (D)
Candidates for Lt. Governor 
 Carol Porter (D) Hands On Rescuer and Advocat
Adding to list
WON (unopposed) Casey Cagle (R)
The following officials have demonstrated support of Animal Welfare bills in the House. 
LOST✓ Tom Knox (R)
(unopposed)  Michelle Henson (D)
(in a squeaker) ✓ Rashad Taylor (D)
(unopposed) Edward Lindsey (R) House Majority Whip)  
Other Candidates of Note:   Mary Norwood (Disqualified by Fulton County Board of Elections)
AJC News:  Mary Norwood throws herself on the mercy of the Fulton County election board

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