Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Countdown to November: Rock the Vote for Animal Welfare

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Thanks to all who shared and used the Slate to help pick those candidates who are willing to deal with the Animal Welfare problems here in Georgia.  The votes are in and the vote count is mostly complete.

Now that we know the most of the final field of candidates for November, we really need to AMP up our lobbying!Lobbying can also be for cats & dogs, not just for the "Fat Cats"!

Lobby the officials in your district to promote and represent your own passionate interests. From outside the state, you can also apply pressure. The big business donors do it all the time. Please do for the sake of the animals!

Here is the plan!
Step One: Suggest to ALL your  Friends & Rescue Contacts the SEPRR Fan Page The more active members, the more clout our voices will have in November. (Please DO continue to post your URGENT RESCUE POSTINGS and TRANSPORTS on the Fan Page. If you need need personal assistance or training to do so, please do call.)

Step Two: Use the Discussion page to spotlight your district's Candidate's position regarding Animals. Please do not use partisan rhetoric. Our movement is for the animals, not for any national party's agenda.
For Animals: 
Against Animals:

Step Three: Contact your candidates PERSONALLY, to make them aware of the situation.
Look them up here:
Check our their voting records too!

Perhaps send them a link to our Free Spay and Neuter Initiative for Georgia This is an actionable plan that will save thousands of animals and save Millions in Tax Dollars at a time when Georgia budgets are unfunded by tax revenues. They want some good ideas to save money. This is the best idea ever. Save our animals and help the budget at the same time.

Step Four: Contact the media if you have reach. Bring them into the conversation.

Step Five: Remain hopeful, keep active. We will eventually prevail in putting a stop to all the killing. Nothing good ever comes easy int his world.

All current results are here on the Secretary of State's official results page.
Note to Newbies: This is a primary election. This means each office can have two winners, one for each of the two parties, Republican and Democrat. Other parties in Georgia do not participate in the Primary Election.
Thank you for your passion, love, and support.

All the best!

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