Wednesday, December 23, 2009

RESCUE: Help Save One (RI) has cleared out a shelter in GA -- Your donation is needed for boarding and vetting pending transport


Please Re-Tweet: RT @sepetrescue #Rescue Donations needed for 11 dogs from high kill->safety

Look what this amazing group has done -- they have cleared out a southern high kill shelter for Christmas to bring all of these dogs to safety. Now they urgently need your help to make it happen.

Please donate what you can and pass this message along so that others may have the opportunity to help, as well.

If the yellow "Donate" button below does not work, please go here and scroll down to the yellow "Donate" button just above the photos of the dogs whose lives will be spared because of you.

Happy holidays, everyone,


Two dear friends of Help Save One came with an idea to focus on one shelter and clear them out for the holidays. The 11 below dogs need funds so we can get them out TODAY. We have a boarder who is willing to pick up ALL eleven dogs, take them to the vet, get them everything they need, and board for 10 days until transport.

Time is SHORT so here is what we need. We need EVERYONE to rally like we have never rallied before and get these dogs sponsors, donors, fosters, and forever homes. Spread the word that these Spalding babies will NOT be spending the holidays in a shelter.

Use the fund BELOW we set up specifically for Spalding. I transferred the amount we have received for Spalding dogs so it is accurate.

Break down of cost is: Adoption fee for each to be paid to shelter is $35, vetting with altering will be around $200 per dog (HW test, shots, rabies, health certificate, frontline, deworming, and fecal exam), boarding is $10 per day per dog, transport runs about $100 per dog. We also need to fix any ailments they have outside of regular basic vetting.

This will cost us around $5500 for this. It's ALOT of dogs, boarding, vetting, and transporting. - Live Donations Tracking for CHRISTMAS DOGS - Make a Donation to CHRISTMAS DOGS
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