Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TRANSPORT: Radford, VA to Vero Beach, FL-Transport Saturday, 12/26

Transport Saturday 12/26 Radford, VA to Vero Beach, Florida

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Transport Coordinator Wendy Mendola
315-524-4264 (work) not on weekends
315-524-2202 (home)

Reason for Transport: going into Foster
Dates: 12/26
All Foster Home and/or Forever Homes approved VIA home visits and reference checks.
Rescue Organization responsible for Transport: All American Dachshund Rescue/ Lewisburg, TN
Rescue website: www.allamericandachshundrescue.org

This is a moderated transport and you will be asked to call me Wendy Mendola at 585-747-7245 thetotspot@aol.com when you pass off. Thank you in advance and have a safe trip.
Please supply me with this info when responding to me that you can help.
Full name:
E mail address:
hm phone:
cell phone:
year/make/model/ color of vehicle:

Required Transport Info (for EACH dog on transport):

Traveling from: Radford, Virginia 24141
Foster family: Colleen E-Mail: colleef@vt.edu

Traveling to: Vero Beach, Florida 32966
Foster family/Forever family: (Lawrence

Passenger #1:
Name: Lucy 3
Breed: dachshund
Gender: female (spayed)
Age: 4
Weight:15 pounds
Altered: yes
Shots: yes
General temperament and how animal rides in vehicle: good
Special needs: no
Crate provided: no
Traveling with: Vet Paperwork, health certificate

Leg 1: Radford, VA to Elkin, NC…Filled (Colleen)
1 hr 25 min/85 miles
Time: 7 AM to 8:25 AM

Leg 2: Elkin, NC to Charlotte, NC…Filled (Colleen)
1 hr 15 min/ 73 miles
Time: 8:40 AM to 9:55 AM

Leg 3: Charlotte, NC to Columbia, SC…NEEDED
1 hr 25 min/90 miles
Time: 10:10 AM to 11:35 AM

Leg 4: Columbia, SC to St George, SC…Filled (Rick & Bev)
1 hr 12 min/71 miles
Time: 11:45 to 12:57 PM

Leg 5: St George, SC to Savannah, GA…NEEDED
1 hr 20 min/90 miles
Time: 1:15 PM to 2:35 PM

Leg 6: Savannah, GA to Darien, GA…NEEDED
1 hr 4 min/62 miles
Time: 3:45 PM to 3: 49 PM

Leg 7: Darien, GA to Jacksonville, FL…NEEDED
1 hr 20 min/79 miles
Time: 4 PM to 5:20 PM

Leg 8: Jacksonville, FL to Daytona Beach, FL…Filled (Rick)
1 hr 20 min/95 miles
5:30 PM to 6: 50 PM

Leg 9: Daytona Beach, FL to Titusville, FL…Filled (Joanne)
53 min/49 miles
Time: 7:00 PM to7:53 PM

Leg 10: Titusville, FL to Vero Beach, FL…Filled (Joanne)
1 hr 24 min/84 miles
8 PM to home

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