Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oreo-Rex needs your help! Donations and Prayers

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Use this link to find ways you can help Rex beat this! Lab #petrescue Pup fostered by @angelsrescue Battles PARVO at @thevillagevets PLZ donate to save REX! #decatur #ga

I am fostering a beautiful 3 month old lab mix pup who already fetches, has a wonderful disposition, loves kids, and gets along with any other creature he meets.

He went down with Parvo Sat evening. He went into the ICU Sunday AM at Village Vet's in Decatur. The docs at Village Vets have been provided very good updates on his condition. He was great until this afternoon, fighting the virus, and keeping a great plucky attitude towards the fight he is waging.  

30 minutes ago, Dr. Alford @thevillagevets, called with an negative update report.  He is regressing. 
PCB =35; White Blood Cell is .49 (POINT 49 VERY LOW)   Some vomiting. Diarrhea PRAY FOR HIM.   BAD news folks. 

He is in reasonably good spirits. The vets say this is a a very good sign, but his labs, the vomit, and diarrhea speak to the continued severity of his gaurded condition.

They are working up an estimate for doing Baytril, Plasma transfusion, anti-Diarrheal, IV Fluids, Potassium, anti-vomit.  These will give him the arrows in his quiver to wage this fight. 

To Offset the extreme expense, please consider donating to the rescue group who isunderwriting this effort to save him, Angels Rescue- and label as "Rex-Oreo-Parvo" during Checkout.

Please share his Facebook  Photo Albums by linking here:

Thanks for all you do! 

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