Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whitehouse Petition to End the need to euthanize millions of homeless pets

Our First Dog, Bo, needs 25,000 signatures by Nov 22 for the Federal government to devote review andprocessing to this cause. PLEASE HELP!

We put this up on the White House's new petition Site! Please share in THE Twitter! Woof!
Sign Petition to Ending Euthanasia of Homeless Pets via @seprr #petrescue
Please also visit the GA version of this same effort:

Stop Killing #HomelessPets in #GA! Provide 3yrs FREE #SpayNeuter! #petrescue via @seprr

We respectfully request legislation be brought forth outlining the means to end killing homeless pets in local animal control facilities. This legislation should to set forth a program of very low cost or even free spay & neuter for a minimum of 3 yrs to reduce the population of homeless pets.
Other states can adopt this proposal, since the status quo is parallel in most of other states. Please stop wasting tax dollars in Georgia, needlessly killing homeless, adaptable pets! 
  • 90% Adoptable Homeless Pets
  • 7% owner reclaim
  • 10% adopted
  • 12% Go to "Rescue"groups
  • 61% KILLED
"These people just don't get it," she said. "There will never be enough homes for all the animals that are produced at today's rate. Never. The answer to this problem is strictly spay and neuter."  
"The linked Petition for Georgia, contains a complete proposal of a means to pursue this goal, This program will reduce pets in animal control by 40% and reduce by $40,000,000 annually in Georgia in related tax expenditures. Georgia euthaizes 300,000 homeless pets per year costing citizens taxpayers over $100 million annually. Unfortunately Georgia’s numbers are in line with most other states." 

Created: Oct 23, 2011
FAQ - Signing the Petition on 
1- Create an account:The site asks only for your name, zipcode, and email address. In theory, this means that US residents should be signing. 

2- The site will send you an email to confirm the account. 

3- After you click on the confirmation link, you are now able to sign. 

4- If you did not get the email, check your spam buffer or trash folders. This is most likely where the email was redirected. Otherwise, open up a gmail account and use that email address. gmail rocks anyway.. so you will enjoy having it.. for free. 

SEPRR, based in Atlanta, GA, has direct access to officials and lobbyists in GA. We are right down the street. SEPRR DOES NOT RAISEFUNDS. Therefore, SEPRR does not have any budget to pursue this change in other states. The most likely path to success is changing a State's Dept of Ag policy towards this issue. Legally, the Federal Government has very little to do with any of this. 

FAQ- So why do a White House Petition: If you DO want the Federal Government to look into this crisis, this is a very accessible means of starting that process. So please SIGN IT! Furthermore, attracting National and perhaps International Attention to this will smooth the way for efforts on the State level. 

FAQ If you wish to start a similar project for your own state, please contact us @seprr via twitter so we can coordinate creation and promotion of the effort. Thus far, no rescuers in other states, after 4300 signatures, have stepped up, but several have complained, asking why we are only addressing GA. 

An outline for GA is here:

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