Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plano TX Maggie 10 Yr Old Senior Pure Rottweiler Needs Immediate Rescue

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Contact Info Is: Tia:
They originally rescued her from spca.  She was taken out of a situation in which she was bred several times before she even turned 1 year old!  poor baby.

There are two kids that have grown up with her and she has done fine with them.

As of recently, the boss's sister moved in with their children and since then Maggie has not received as much attention, the house is busier, and there is not as much consistency in her life anymore.  Because of this, Maggie has been getting "frustrated" probably due to lack of exercise and gets excited when the kids are too rambunctious.  From Chelsea's explanation, Maggie grabbed the nephew's hand when he was going down the slide, but has not tried to hurt the children.

But they think that it would be best if Maggie had a home that is quieter, has a more consistent schedule, and can provide her with more attention.
Looks like she is up-to-date and spayed, but we would need to verify with vet.

She is on the smaller side for a rottie and seems to be in good shape.

Every once in a while, they have to give her benadryl when her eyes start to water from seasonal allergies, but other than that she is fine.

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