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Hazlehurst, GA: TERRIFIED SENIOR! JERIMIAH DIES ANY DAY! LEFT @ Animal Control after Owner Died

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This sweet dog's owner died.
Jeremiah is now left to be Euthanized at the shelter unless someone adopts or rescues!
Hazlehurst Animal Shelter 52 J.A. Yawn Rd  Hazlehurst, GA 31539  
Contact-- Danielle Britton @ 912-240-2244 or Casidy @ 912-379-0806.

$300.00 sponsorship + vetting has been offered by
Lorraine Sakli 718-894-2408 email:

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Subject: Hazlehurst, GA: OMG HEARTBREAKER! LOOK TERRIFIED SENIOR!!! DIES ANY DAY- Heartbroken, Confused and Terrified @ Shelter after Owner Died- GA. **HELP** HAZELHURST, GA

There are so many pleas like this.  But, please, take the time to read this one!!!!!.  This small Georgia shelter is asking for help  in saving this senior-- left to a sad and miserable fate due to his owner's death.  The shelter could easily have euthanized quickly and this beloved pet would be over and done.  But they didn't kill him-- they want  him to live!  

Read their email and you  will feel their desperate begging, their desire to save this old boy and their hope that someone--a person, a rescue-- will come forward to save him.  I find this amazing!!!

I'm offering a $300 sponsorship for Jeremiah + vetting (Lorraine Sakli), please share in hopes that Jeremiah's angel and his miracle are out there. I  want to be part of it as best I can.

He simply needs a comfortable place to sleep, some food, water and TLC for what time he has left.  Can anyone find it in their heart to help this old sweet soul?  Thank you.

Contact-- Danielle @ 912-240-2244 or Casidy @ 912-379-0806.

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Jeremiah entered the shelter after being found at the side of his deceased owner. This loyal boy was removed from his home and the only life he knew, then placed in our small kill shelter. Sadly, he has been frightened, nervous and jumpy ever since. His world has been turned upside down and he is simply unable to cope with his new surroundings. In fact, with just a glance, there is no mistaking this poor soul is heartbroken, terrified, lost and confused. His desperation is so obvious that the shelter believes the kindest thing they can do for Jeremiah at this point... is to "let him go".
Yet through the depths of his sorrow and despair, it’s clear that all he wants in life is a calm, loving and comfy place to live out the last chapter of his life. (as you can see in one of his pictures) This email is his last chance at life… and our last ditch effort to grant him his heart’s desire. Though honestly, we all know that Jeremiah has very little hope, as he needs a very special home. One that will be quite hard to come by.  
Jeremiah was in rough condition upon his arrival. He is believed to be around 8-10 years old, maybe even older? His teeth are in bad shape, his vision is not good (right eye mainly), he has some fur missing and like so many pups down here... he has heartworms. With his vision being what it is, and his nerves being on edge, he can be a little nippy when frightened by an unsuspected touch. He doesn’t actually bite and seems to quickly realize that he’s not in immediate danger… but with this in mind, he would be better suited for a home without children. Sudden movements, along with constant or loud noises frighten Jeremiah greatly.  

Due to all that he has going against him, on top of a broken heart, we feel that Jeremiah in need of a Hospice Home. Thus, we are praying for someone that can open their heart and home to him, while providing him the love and comfort he longs for, in his last days. We know this is a Big request and that most people can’t handle that kind of commitment, but we have to try… for Jeremiah’s sake. He has no other options… no hope otherwise.  Now, we do not have the funding needed to take Jeremiah to the vet for an evaluation. So we have no way to know just how long Jeremiah is willing to hang in there… we just know that despite the odds, he truly deserves another chance to know love before the end. We’re all devastated to think that after all he’s endured thus far, his last days will be filled with the fear he’s currently living in while at the shelter. If you could just see him, you would understand. Danielle, at the shelter, stated that she thinks Jeremiah has been traumatized so badly that he has lost even more fur while at the shelter!

A side note about Jeremiah:

While at the shelter to take pictures of Jeremiah, it was interesting to watch him. He was very hesitant to even come out of his run and had to be physically guided in the right direction. Once out, he didn’t run for the door like all the other shelter babies do. No, he has no desire to go for a walk like all his shelter mates. He is so unsettled that he would much rather cling to the “safety” of his run. However, once out, he quickly left us in search of a quiet place to settle into. Which he found in our laundry room. We followed him in only to find him making himself right at home on a large pile of dirty bedding. That was all he seemed to want. Just some where comfy and a little less over whelming. We stood back and watched. (and seized the opportunity for a couple of pictures) For a moment he looked happier and even a little content. As we watched a happy boy emerge from under all that gloom and despair… we knew we had to do whatever we could to give Jeremiah a second chance at love and happiness. Though he is horribly disorientated with life at the shelter, when taken away from all the chaos and noise, it is very likely that Jeremiah would start to relax and “live” again! 

Please help us help Jeremiah! We’re begging and pleading for his life! He has very little time left!!! (He’s miserable and the shelter is filling up again!)
Our little shelter has seen its share of sad situations, but Jeremiah's story just leaves us in tears. Please, Please help! He has done Nothing wrong! He’s been loyal and devoted, yet now he is all alone, scared, and marked for death. He doesn’t deserve to go out like this, but without help, there is no other option.

Jeremiah is currently in the Hazlehurst Animal Shelter in Hazlehurst, Georgia. Our shelter is located about 3 ½ hours from Atlanta. For more info on Jeremiah, please don’t hesitate to call Danielle @ 912-240-2244. You can reach her by email at or even find her on Facebook under Danielle Britton. You can also call

Thank you all so very much!


Anonymous said...

I thought Jeremiah was going to tarasbabies ?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm @VeeMiller on Twitter. I started tweeting to my followers last night, and also personally asked some of my followers to RT. Today, I sent out the following tweets to the Georgia people / no kill shelters / rescue orgs I could find on Twitter:

1) #GA, #Hazlehurst "JEREMIAH" Sight Impaired Senior found at his dead owner's side needs #RESCUE! plz RT!

2) "JEREMIAH" Sr dog found @ dead owner's side: $300 sponsorship + vetting offered ... PLZ RT!

3) @SmarterDog @sabrina0008 @Pet_Rescue_Sav @pawsatlanta @CastawayCritter Begging you to #RESCUE JEREMIAH: ...

I'm hoping & praying that all of these good people will either individually or collectively find a way to rescue Jeremiah so that he can live out his remaining days in a peaceful and loving environment.

cad said...

I am searching for a place that takes in pets whose owners have passed away. I believe the owners make a donation and arrangements ahead of time. Does anyone know of any place like this in GA?