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Wonderful Moose the Mastiff in GA needs your chipin donations for critical vet care

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Subject: Moose needs help desperately!
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 17:16:29 -0400

I am writing to everyone on behalf of Moose Tracks, a very sweet brindle bullmastiff boy, that was rescued from animal control in Dekalb County Georgia last November.  I am writing to you as friends, as fellow rescue volunteers, as adopters of fosters, as known animal lovers.  This is Moose's story...

Moose was brought into animal control after being hit by a vehicle.  He had multiple pelvic breaks, a broken paw, broken ribs, and a dislocated shoulder among other injuries.  After spending 10 days in AC due to his status as a stray, he came home with me to heal and recuperate.  After about 8 weeks of confinement and healing, he was able to start becoming a more active part of our family which includes three children and at this moment seven other dogs.  Moose was always somewhat thin which we thought was the result of being a stray on the streets.  However, as time went on he still didn't seem to gain any weight.  I thought I wasn't feeding him enough so I kept increasing the amount I was feeding but still no weight gain.  Then, one night he began acting very sluggish.  By morning I knew something was wrong and took him to my vet.  After much speculation and the decision to do a barium scan, it turned out he had some sort of blockage and needed emergency surgery.  But that wasn't the worst of it.  As it turned out, he had multiple blockages and his stomach had to be opened up as well as his intestines in two different places.  My vet ended up removing over 5 pounds of gunk from the insides of his belly and intestines... things she felt had been in there a long long time... probably from his days as a stray scrounging for food.  My vet explained that his stomach wall as well as his intestinal walls were extremely inflamed and also much thicker than is normal and she truly was amazed he was alive!  She also felt we had probably found the reason for this boy never gaining any weight.  However, that surgery was on 2/20.  Moose spent 10 days in the hospital and has been at home with us ever since.  It has been over a month now and there has still been no weight gain.  He is currently eating 4 cans of Innova Evo as well as two cups of Evo dry food per day.

This week, I took Moose to Atlanta to see Dr. Susan Wynn, a nutritional specialist at Georgia Veterinary Specialists.  The picture she painted was not a good one.  Moose only weighed 61 pounds which meant he had lost more weight.  She felt he was literally starving and that if something wasn't done soon, he may not recover.  On a scale of 1-9, he was a 3.  She felt that he needed immediate attention in terms of bloodwork, a TLI/PLI/Cobalimine/Folate test, an Endoscopy, and potentially an intestinal biopsy depending on what is found during the endoscopy.  She truly felt his condition was still life threatening.  She said in spite of what had already transpired, he should have begun to gain weight.  And the fact that he was not, and in fact was losing weight, is alarming!  Dr. Wynn estimates the testing to just get an actual diagnosis for Moose could run from $1200 to $1500.  Problem is, I don't have that kind of money.  He is such a sweet sweet boy and not deserving of this terrible fate!  I thought maybe if I let everyone know his story, they could pass it around and people might feel compelled to help.  Any donation may be made directly to Georgia Veterinary Specialists, 455 Abernathy Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 on behalf of Moose Tracks who is under the care of Dr. Susan Wynn.  Their phone number is 404/459-0903.  Donations can also be made via my Chip-In page at

Bless you and please do keep Moose in your prayers!

Carol Wood
(ABA Volunteer, Gracie's Place Volunteer, HRRRF Volunteer, SEPRA Volunteer, CVR Volunteer, independent rescuer and transporter)

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