Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Candy needs your help this Easter. Please donate to help!

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An angel has been sent to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue....
Candy will not have a wonderful Easter morning.  She will not be in a warm bed.  She will not have children to love on her and to take pictures with the Easter Bunny.  She will be fighting for her life. 
  Before she got sick
Candy is an amazingly sweet and deserving dog, found abandoned in a cemetery with her sister nearly 3 weeks ago. She is so beautiful and peaceful. She has been eating, and loves when we visit, but her lungs are so bad, full of infection. She struggles to breathe with all the nasty fluid.  The antibiotics were not working, so today they did a procedure under sedation (which they were not sure she would survive) to pull out some fluid to be tested for resistance to antibiotics. This will be a few days to grow out.
We need to raise money to save Candy. It is nearly $400 a day for her care, but she is worth it.  Please do what you can...  $5, $10, $100... we are a 501c3 non-profit organization, so your contribution is tax deductible.  Please donate via PayPal and print a receipt for your tax records:

She is currently at the Georgia Veterinary Specialists in Atlanta, an amazing facility that provides the best possible care. She is being treated for pneumonia. You can donate directly there too, but you won't get a tax write off.  Georgia Veterinary Specialists 404-459-0903
Candy at VMS in O2 cage

From the bottom of our hearts and Candy's, we thank you!


Anonymous said...

Please help this baby out with prayers and donations. She has been fighting because she really wants to live and she deserves a great home and a wonderful life. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

We left the previous comment and would like to add that they are taking very good care of Candy and all of the others they get and it is deeply appreciated. If there were more people out there like this there would be a lot less cruelty to animals. We have pitched in too. Please help her... Remember
There are no BAD DOGS just BAD OWNERS!!! The Bells Indianapolis, In