Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why is no-kill not an ingrained national attitude, a full-fledged, dedicated movement?

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Why is no-kill not an ingrained national attitude, a full-fledged, dedicated movement? http://bit.ly/d3cPqD

On Thu, 11/5/09, Monique <jasper_4_16@yahoo.com> wrote:
Date: Thursday, November 5, 2009, 10:08 AM

Yesterday was a profoundly sad day for Rosie, and on a larger scale, the world of animal rescue, what Rosie's death exemplies.  The slaughter of innocents across this country every single day, rescuers and well-intentioned folks working feverously to pull as many as possible to safety, not enough "front-end" intervention to interrupt the over-population, desparation, hopelessness, "no-kill" mostly a concept, not a way of doing business.  Senseless death, never ending. 

Why is no-kill not an ingrained national attitude, a full-fledged, dedicated movement?

The innocents have faces.  Like Rosie. 

A desparate plea came through channels yesterday: 

Tarboro, NC ~ URGENT ~ Edgecombe County Animal Shelter-ROTT PUPS & LAB PUPS!!

The word "County" in the subject line ran instant alarm bells:  The forgotten back alleys of civilization.  Out in the country, lawlessness, recklessness, animal abuse, animals dumped, backwards ways of thinking, red necks, animals starving, dogs chained, unaltered.  Animal control has only one function: dispose of unwanted animals, Method:  gas chambers or other cruel, inhumane kill methods.  Few, if any, get out alive.

The euth date was stated as yesterday and today.  The time of the plea for help was sent around 3. 

Among those pictured was a very, very pregnant medium sized dog.  She looked like she was about to go into labor, so far along she was.  From the picture, it looked like she was wagging her tail, but her face pleaded.  It looked like she had not had it easy in her life, her backbones and hip bones protruding. 

I immediately put forth an urgent request for help for the momma dog.  Beautiful little girl, light tan with white.  Oh, how cute she must have been as a puppy....  I received his plea around 3:30 eastern time.  I called the shelter, miraculously getting through even though shelter hours are only until 11 am.  The guy who answered did not know who I was referring to.  Further detail offered.  Long pause.  Oh, ... she's gone...

I could not breathe.  Then, a silent scream that will last for all eternity.  Nooooooooooo,..... !   Time stood, as I saw her pleading eyes, her unborn babies, ... then her lifeless body, her babies, unborn, or perhaps born as a result of forced labor upon her death.  I know her babies did not die right away...  Inhumane at the most reprehensible level. 

Her "crimes":  unwanted and pregnant.

Man's crime:  murder. 

Rosie, I whispered,.... your name is Rosie.  You will always reside in our hearts, minds and souls.  You and your babies will never be forgotten.


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