Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bo the Black Lab- Almost Starved to Death and ABUSED! Atlanta, GA

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Bo, DeKalb Cnty Cruelty Victim- Rescued & in Boarding. DONATE To "Buy Bo A Day" $14/day- #petrescue #GA

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Owing to a shortage of suitable fostering facilities, 
Bo is currently being boarded at the Veterinary Medical Center.

DONATE: To continue to help Bo live, please contribute to “B
uy Bo a Day by donating $14.00 to Veterinary Medical. You can also donate directly to the Vet Clinic -Call 770-998-8450.
If you want to ensure the full force of the law is applied to this monster, please contact the DeKalb County District Attorney's Office.
If you live in DeKalb County, please contact your Commissioner to inform them of the case. Please also contact your State Representative and your State Senator.

Here is the story- 
Bo was just recently rescued from Dekalb County (GA) Animal Control by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. He's been the victim of severe abuse his entire, tragic life! The MONSTER that did this to him was arrested. We ALL need to make sure that the charges against him STICK and that he rots in a jail cell for a long long time!

He tested positive for heartworms and his teeth are worn down to little stubs with the nerves exposed since he was trying to bite through his chain for years and years! The sick LOSER who had him said that he did not want him any what did he do?! HE STOPPED GIVING BEAU FOOD AND WATER!!!!!

Even though dear Bo is finally out of Animal Control and away from the disgusting monster that abused him for so many years...he now all of our help! he is severely underweight, has very bad ear infections, major dental problems, hearworm, other worms, diarrhea, and who knows what else. The vet recommended that he be "put down"....but know what?! BEAU is never even had a chance to LIVE YET, and we're going to ALL make sure he gets the best treatment (BC everything he has is treatable), and then we're going to find him the BEST HOME EVER! BEAU DESERVES TO FINALLY KNOW WHAT LOVE AND AFFECTION MEAN!!!    He's been wanting to GIVE love for so long! You can tell it by looking at his saddened eyes!  It's now up to WE GOOD humans to show him that we're not turning our back on him... that we'll all chip in and get him the care and treatment that he needs....and that ONE person. ONE person reading this now, will open up both their heart and their home to him and take care of him the way he deserves for the rest of his waking days.

Please contact Angels Among US Pet Rescue (A 501c3 non profit) and help them with Beau's care by making whatever donation you can right now (even if it's one dollar). PAYPAL and CHIPIN are located on their website! Send this email to any and all animal lovers you know! 

For more information, email or call Lisa Zambacca:  770-441-3933 / 404-895-3999

Thanks so much for taking time to read this, make a donation, and for passing it on to others that you know will care!

Written by:Dave Stark
, Percussionist and Angels Among Us Volunteer

Blog Posting Edited by: Beau Grant, SEPRR founder

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your generous donations to help treat and board Bo. He thinks all of you are angels.