Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lost Transport Dog: Lexington VA Exit 197 12/13/09

Pebbles is a 7 month old Lab/ACD/BC mix. She is medium size (knee high) about 30 pounds with long legs. White with small black spots over body, face legs and tail -- Black Nose, Black Ears and large Black spot at base of tail.  She is friendly but somewhat shy to strangers. Pebbles may or may not respond to her name.  She slipped her collar when being taken out to potty at Lexington, VAI-81 Exit 197 at the Exxon. She was last seen running due east through woods toward I-81 and is believed to have crossed I-81 successfully and kept heading east toward Timber Ridge, VA.   Pebbles was on her way back home to the rescue who adopted her out to a home who did not work out. If you see her please call Betty at 336-648-3781 or Ada at 276-494-6718 Or email Betty at info@ourcritters.net . Pebbles does not have a collar or leash on as she slipped out of it and no microchip. She was lost 12-13-09 at 2:00PM.

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Suzanne Shaps said...

FOUND!!! This is amazing... From the person who had forwarded information to the OTRA list:

<< I just found out last night that Pebbles has been FOUND and is now back with her original rescuer. I'm told she survived hunting rabbits through the 27 inches of snow and from food scraps from nearby business dumpsters. I guess she was channeling that feisty ACD heritage of hers! :)

Pebbles would not come to anyone but her original rescuer, so I'm sure she has a lot of mental healing ahead. She was found by her original rescuer traveling to Lexington and tracking Pebbles through the snow to a hollowed out tree stump that was described as "cozy". What a relief and something to be thankful for this season!