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Trans: LEWISBURG, TN TO BUFFALO, NY 11-7-09 (1 Leg Remains!)

 **** Permission to Cross Post****   
This is an All American Dachshund Rescue sponsored transport.   
· a 501(c)3  non-profit organization.
Passenger Information is at the bottom of this sheet.    
·         Foster Home to Forever/Foster Home
·         All Foster Homes and/or Forever Homes Approved VIA Home Visits and Reference/Vet Checks
·         UTD on rabies as required by law.  Any other vaccinations not UTD are listed in passenger information. 
·         Traveling with HEALTH CERTIFICATE, leash, collar or slip lead, vet records

Transport coordinator: Heather Clemmer
If you can help, please respond to   with the following information:
1.      Full Name:
2.      Cell Number:
3.      Home Number:
4.      Email:
5.      Vehicle Description:
6.      General Description of you (for your safety):
7.      Suggested Meeting Place for the beginning of your transport leg:
8.      Suggested Meeting Place for the end of your transport leg:
9.      Person to contact in case of emergency (name and phone number):
(Your privacy will be respected and this information will only be shared with others on this transport)
·         If you have any routing suggestions / corrections, please feel free to let me know.
·         *10 – 15 minutes have been added to each leg to allow for potty breaks and  transfer of dog + paperwork

 Saturday, November 7, 2009
Leg 1:  Lewisburg, TN to Murfreesboro, TN…Filled (Diane)
·         Time:  7 A to 8 AM  CST (must meet promptly)( 1 hr/56 miles)
End of leg:  Meet at exit 96- BP on the corner (heading towards Franklin off exit) at bottom of hill-exit is off I-24.

Leg 2:  Murfreesboro, TN to Bowling Green, KY…FILLED, THANKS FLINT!
·         Time:  8 AM to 9:55 AM  (1 hr 9 min/65 miles)

Leg 3:  Bowling Green to Elizabethtown, KY…NEEDED
·         Time:  9:55 AM to11 AM (time zone change) (1 hr 9 min/70 miles)

Leg 4:  Elizabethtown, KY to LaGrange, KY…FILLED, THANKS LYNN!
·         Time:  11 AM to 12:10 PM (1 hr 10 min/66 miles)
Beginning of leg:  Meet at Cracker Barrel in Elizabethtown.
End of leg in Sparta: meeting place to be determined upon arrival.

Leg 5:  LaGrange, KY to Florence, KY…FILLED, THANKS LYNN AND LESLIE!
·         Time:  12:10 PM to 1:15 PM (1 hr / 65 miles)
Meeting in Sparta, KY.

Leg 6:  Florence, KY to Dayton, OH…FILLED, THANKS LESLIE!
·         Time:  1:15 PM to 2:30 PM (1 hr 11 min/64 miles)
Beginning of leg in Sparta:  meeting place to be determined upon arrival.
End of leg (Dayton):  Meet off I-675, which goes off I-75, Wilmington
Pike exit-exit #7, meet at Wendy’s.

Leg 7:  Dayton, OH to Columbus, OH…FILLED, THANKS JANIE!
·         Time:  2:30 PM to 3:50 PM (1 hr 15 min/70 miles)

Leg 8:  Columbus, OH to Mansfield, OH…FILLED, THANKS JANIE!
·         Time:  3:50 PM to 5:10 PM (1 hr 12 min/66 miles)

Leg 9:  Mansfield, OH to Cleveland, OH…FILLED, THANKS ANNE!
·         Time:  5:10 PM to 6:40 PM (1 hr 26 min/81 miles)
Beginning of leg:  I-71 exit 169 Bob Evans (30 W Hanley Rd, Mansfield) back overflow parking lot.
End of Leg:  Petco at 500 East Aurora Rd., Macedonia, OH.

Leg 10: Cleveland, OH to Conneaut, OH…FILLED, THANKS LINDA!
·         Time:  6:40 PM to 8 PM (1 hr 16 min/71 miles)
Beginning of leg:   Petco at 500 East Aurora Rd., Macedonia, OH.

Leg 11:  Conneaut, OH to Forsyth, NY…FILLED, Thanks Chris!
·         Time:  8 PM  to 9:20 PM (1 hr 3 min/56 miles)
Beginning of let:  Meet Close to thruway.all a

Leg 12:    Forsyth, NY to Buffalo, NY …FILLED (Chris)
·         Time: 9:20 PM to 10:40 PM (1 hr 16 min/67 miles)

Ø      Traveling from Foster Home:  Diane, Lewisburg, TN
Ø      Traveling to Foster Home:  Chris, Buffalo, NY
Passenger 1: to Chris, Buffalo, NY
Name:  Sheeba
Breed:  Dachshund
Age:  1-2 years
Temperment:  Shy at first, but very laid back and sweet.
Weight:  14 pounds
Crate:  not provided, but recommended
Altered:  yes

Ø      Traveling from Foster Home:  Diane, Lewisburg, TN
Ø      Traveling to Foster Home:  Leslie, Cincinnati, OH
Passenger 2: to Leslie, Cincinnati, OH
Name:  Lucy
Breed:  Dachshund
Age: 3 years
Temperment:  Very sweet
Weight:  12 pounds
Crate:  not provided, but recommended
Altered:  yes

If you can help, please contact Heather Clemmer,
Thank you!
Heather Clemmer
Transport Coordinator for All American Dachshund Rescue
You can’t save every animal in the world, but to the one you save, it is the world.

Heather Clemmer
Transport Coordinator
All American Dachshund Rescue

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