Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chatsworth SAVED Roster! All of these are Saved!! YEA!

In absence of a formal website for them to track this, we at SEPRR are taking in all the success stories from this shelter and updating them in this blog entry.

Last update: November 5, 2009 10pm EST

102909 003 - Poor, sweet, tiny chihuahua was found in this awful shape. He has chemical burns all over his body, including his paws which are now bandaged. The vet said she expects a full recovery, but he needs TLC now.

102909 005, 007 - Precious 1 ½-yr-old mommy has eight tiny puppies. The family was abandoned when a family moved away and left them there. Mommy is not still pregnant, she just has a swollen belly from malnutrition. She is eating well now. She is cute and sweet. She gets along well with people and with other dogs. And the puppies are adorable. 

petfinder 611, 613, 619, 621 - This litter of eight tiny, tiny precious 5-wk-old puppies are adorable. They are fun and sweet. And they need rescue now as the shelter is no place for puppies.

94121 Sweetie 7-mo-old shepherd girl is calm and sweet. She does well with people and with other dogs. She will make a nice family pet. Rescued!

94290 Friendly pit bull terrier mix girl is calm and nice. He does well with people and with other dogs. Rescued!

94289 TINY DOG Sweetie 8-yr-old rat terrier girl is friendly and nice. Rescued!

94283 PUPPY Adorable 8-wk-old lab mix puppy girl is nice and friendly. Rescued!

94255 PUPPY Precious 11-wk-old border collie puppy girl is super sweet. Rescued!

94297 PUPPY Cutie 5-mo-old shepherd girl puppy is sweet and nice. Rescued!

94253 Cutie 1 1/2-yr-old shepherd boy is fun and friendly. He enjoys being with people and with other dogs.Rescued!

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