Thursday, October 20, 2011

Facebook Events: Adding all of your Facebook Friends to an Event.

rt @tribedogs Facebook Events: Adding ALL FB Friends #socialmedia

When inviting Friends to Events and Fan Pages, ALWAYS Use a Facebook User Profile to Invite ALL friends.

The Invite via Email function is practically broken, not accepting comman separated email addresses, forcing you to enter and invite one by one. Yikes.

<3 Facebook? NOT. Let's be honest, Facebook is a fad and a necessary evil. For now, it reaches people, so we use it.

Here is the JavaScript that to use to INVITE ALL via Firefox.
There are several other methods. This one has a major advantage, you do not need to download any plugins to run the script.

1- Go to the Event or Fan Page you wish to Invite Friends to.

2- Pull up the Invite Dialogue, scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM. (This takes some time)

3- a- PC/Linux Firefox Users- Ctl-Shift-K.
3- b- MAC Firefox Users- Ctl-CMD(APPLEKEY)-K

4- Paste the text between the quotes into the K-screen command prompt (look for the ">")

5- Because the JavaScript keeps conficting with html interpreter, I have placed the text of the script in a separate shared document.
Please CLICK HERE to grab the SCRIPT

6- Smile.

5- Hit Enter

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