Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SUPER-URGENT: Hall County GA 40 dogs Die Tomorrow.

Normally, we try to provide more info, but this came in at the very last minute from a rescuer on an iPhone who was frantic. Sorry for the formatting errors, but blogger.com's editor is misbehaving and we simply dont have time to make it look perfect.

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We dont have a lot to go on other than the dogs will ie tomorrow in Hall County Animal Control in Georgia. Someone took a photo of the list of available dogs that will be euthanized. Reference that list. Contact Hall County AC

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Control & Enforcement Contact

Mike Ledford


phone1.gif 770.531.6830

fax1.gif 770.531.6833

email2.gif Email

1688 Barber Rd.

Gainesville, GA


Driving Map

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Anonymous said...

We had a great response today and saved a lot. however, there are many more....the dogs have been given a short reprieve and they will not euthanize tomorrow. But they will soon... so all are still urgent! The reprieve comes as a result of the amazing response by rescues and fosters. The phones were ringing off the hooks! Thank you sooo much!