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Animal Welfare Reform Petition Coversheet

Please let Georgia’s officials know the eyes of the world are on Georgia. We will initiate this process in other states after we have succeeded here. If you wish to leverage this effort in your own state, please let us know so we can help you get started.

Rescuing, fostering, transporting, and adopting   animals from “shelters” is necessary. Yet, for each one saved, hundreds are still euthanized. There will be NO END IN SIGHT unless we pass state-wide reforms including FREE Spaying and Neutering for three years, and a permanent Low-Cost program regardless of income level.

• 644,000 animals euthanized in Georgia annually. 90% are adoptable. 61% die in the “shelter”
• 56% Dogs and 71% of Cats in Animal “Shelters” are euthanized.
• Only 15% of Dogs and 2% of Cats in “Shelters” are reunited with their owners.
• Over 120 Animal Controls exist in Georgia, all funded by local property taxes.
• Animal Control costs Georgia Tax Payers $220m/year.
• In 1999, approximately $7.3million was spent in the 5 county area to destroy unwanted animals.
• Animal Control Facilities have no legal requirement to report their activities.
• Animal Controls have no requirement to work with rescues when an animal can be otherwise saved.
• An Unspayed cat producing 2 litters/year with 2.8 kittens surviving /year can total 11,606,077 cats in 9 Years! (SpayUSA)
• An Unspayed dog can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years. (SpayUSA)
• $1 invested in Spay Neuter returns $19 over 4 Years.
  (Humane Association of Georgia)
• It costs $105 to kill each unwanted animal (Humane Association of Georgia)
• Three years of free Spaying and Neutering Statewide would reduce these number by 60%
• The capture, impoundment and eventual destruction of unwanted animals costs taxpayers and private humanitarian agencies over a billion dollars each year - The American Veterinary Medical Association
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to Enact reformative expansions to the Current Animal Welfare Act as follows:
•Offer Statewide FREE spay-neuter for 3 years. Afterwards, provide on-going state-wide low cost spay-neuter. This will reduce this animal control populations by 60%, saving $140m in taxes and 400,000 animals by the end of the second year of the program.
Reassign operations of animal control services to the State of Georgia’s Department of Agriculture. Transfer existing staff from local government payroll to the state payroll. During transition period the local government would pay the pay scale in place at the time of transfer. Economies of scale would save more tax dollars and attract and retain qualified staff. Shared resources would enable animals to be held much longer for adoption.
Reassign Animal Control Field Officers to State of Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources. Transfer existing officers from local government payroll to the state payroll. During transition period the local government would pay the pay scale in place at the time of transfer. DNR already trains officers as Game Wardens and deal with Wildlife and Game Management. It is a logical adjunct to their area of expertise to police animal related regulations and enforce related laws.
  These efforts should avoid enacting policies that can be considered Mandatory Spay and  Neuter (MSN). These policies ultimately fail and bring harm to the animals for the faults of the owners.
  Require Animal Control Operations to make demonstrable Best Efforts to facilitate cooperation with 3rd party rescue organizations.
Only animals deemed unfit for survival owing to their health conditions, and then only under the approval of a licensed vet, would be euthanized as soon as the Hold Period Expires.
Require public disclosure via Dept of Agriculture’s website the operational statistics of Animal Control Facilities such as volume of animals in-taken, adopted, and euthanized. Public awareness will sustain these programs into the future and justify the ongoing expenditures.
Under no circumstances will an animal ever again be euthanized by gas, heart stick, or any other method not deemed Humane by national level veterinary authorities.
• Under no circumstances will an animal be held responsible for it’s owner’s irresponsibility. An animal will never be euthanized if an owner does not comply.

The pets win. The taxpayers win.
Thank you for your support!

Bryan Grant, Executive Director
SE Pet Rescue Railroad
To start your own Paper-based petition in your office, coffee-shop, or club, please download a copy here:

Review the latest drafts of the Initiative here:

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