Thursday, May 20, 2010

Paulding County Animal Control needs your help ASAP by 5/28!

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200 adopted SEVERAL LEFT TO ADOPT..pls help! "Georgians step up to save animals at Paulding county shelter"...

Please use the following Tweets and Links to read about the effects of the temporary closure in Paulding County Ga.

Georgians step up to save animals at Paulding county shelter

May 17, 4:34 PMAtlanta Animal Welfare ExaminerValerie Hayes

Last week, the Paulding County Animal Shelter issued a plea for help from the animal-loving public.  The response they got has been almost overwhelming. 
Says kennel manager Tracy Thompson:  "We topped 200 adoptions. I have not got an actual count because we were so busy that I have not finished all the paperwork ... Best Friends has offered to take nursing momma cats, so we are doing so good. I don’t even know what to feel, to walk through an empty kennel is so strange."   The work of adopting out every animal in the shelter by the May 28th deadline is not done yet, though.  "We do still have 5-7 dogs, 10 cats and a handful of adoptable kittens."

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RT @seprr: Shelter in Dallas, GA faces crisis, closing its doors, asks for help  

These look like some great Furry Friends! Pass them along wherever you can.  
Related tweets for animals posted for adoption from Paulding. 

RT @GA_Atlanta: #Adopt #GA German Shepherd Dog - Large - Young - Male - Dog - 1734 - Please Contact (Dallas)  

RT @GA_Atlanta: #Adopt #GA Great Dane - Large - Young - Female - Dog - 2066 - Please Contact (Dallas)  

RT @GA_Atlanta: #Adopt #GA Boxer - Large - Young - Female - Dog - 1449 - Please Contact (Dallas)  

RT @GA_Atlanta: #Adopt #GA Jack Russell Terrier - Small - Adult - Male - Dog - 1546 - Please Contact (Dallas)  

RT @GA_Atlanta: #Adopt #GA Beagle - Medium - Adult - Male - Dog - Teko 2158 - Please Contact (Dallas)  

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