Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yargo-Lab-Collie mix for Adoption!

MEET YARGO - He deserves a warm, loving home.
Rescued an hour before he was to be euthanized from Carrolton, GA.

Please FORWARD this request for help for Yargo.

Twitter: RT @septrescue Yargo Avail 4 Adoption Male Collie Lab Mix #atl #rescue #ga

Collie Picture


Can you please help Yargo? He is very stressed in CAMP BOW WOW.

Comments from his caretakers:

He is the most wonderful smooth coat collie mix.  So easy to take anywhere. He is calm and sweet and everyone is a friend.

 He LOVES Axel.  (100 lb german shepherd) He walked in and they just hung out in the house and back yard with no disagreements.   He is not food aggressive.  They both had biscuits and played with toys.  I think he is housebroken and rides in the car really well. 

I am not completely certain about the cats.   He saw one at the vet office and just sniffed it through the cage and wagged his tail.  When he saw my cats, luckily I had the leash because he really wanted to chase. (normal)  Now, he wasn't barking or growling, most likely no experience with them.

He is exceptional and everyone that meets him loves him.  He has a wagging tail most of the time and actually looks like he is smiling.

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