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Transport 11/21 & 11/22: Columbia, SC to Hanover, MA

Transport 11/21 & 11/22:  Columbia, SC to Hanover, MA

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Transport Coordinator Wendy Mendola
All American Dachshund Rescue

Reason for Transport: going into Foster/Family
Date: November 21 and 22, 2009  
All Foster Home and/or Forever Homes approved via home visits and reference checks.
Rescue Organization responsible for Transport: All American Dachshund Rescue/ Lewisburg, TN
Rescue website:
This is a moderated transport and you will be asked to call Wendy Mendola at 585-747-7245; thetotspot@aol.comwhen you pass off. Thank you in advance and have a safe trip.
Please supply me with this info when responding to me that you can help. Please supply me with this info when responding to me that you can help.
Full name:
E mail address:
hm phone:
cell phone:
year/make/model/ color of vehicle:
plate number: 
where you want to meet if known:

Required Transport Info (for EACH dog on transport):

Transport Date:  Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22

Traveling from:  Columbia, SC

Traveling to:  Hanover, MA

Name: Cedar
Breed:  Dachshund
Gender:  Male
Age:  5 months
Weight:  7lbs
Altered: yes
Shots:  yes
General temperament and how animal rides in vehicle:  Sweet, very good
Special needs:  none
Crate provided:  No
Traveling with:  health certificate, vet paperwork, HC, blanket and food
Special Instructions:  Cedar is a puppy and may want to walk all over the vehicle.  If you are traveling alone, I would suggest a kennel.  If you have someone with you, he travels well in a warm lap!

Leg 1:  Columbia, SC to Florence, SC….Needed
1 hr 20 min/78 miles
Time:  7 AM to 8:20 AM
Leg 2:  Florence, SC to Fayetteville, NC…Needed
1 hr 30 min/87 miles
Time:  8:30 AM to 10 AM
Leg 3:  Fayetteville, NC to Raleigh, NC…NEEDED
1 hr 5 min/63 miles
Time:  10:15 to 11:20 AM
Leg 4:  Raleigh, NC to South Hills, VA…Needed
1 hr 25 min/76 miles
Time:  11:30 to 12:55 PM
Leg 5:  South Hills, VA to Richmond, VA …Needed
1 hr 25 min/81 miles
Time:  1:15 PM to 2:40 PM
Leg6:  Richmond, VA to Stafford, VA…Needed
1 hr 7 min/65 miles
Time:  2:50 PM to 3:57 PM
Leg 7:  Stafford, VA to Wheaton, MD…Needed
1 hr 8 min/56 miles
Time:  4:10 to 5:18 PM
Leg 8:  Wheaton, MD to Aberdeen, MD…Needed
1 hr 17 min/72 miles
Time:  5:30 PM to 6:47 PM
Overnight needed…………………………..
Leg 9:  Aberdeen, MD to Philadelphia, PA…Needed
1 hr 20 min/74 miles
Time:  8 AM to 9:20 AM
Leg 10:  Philadelphia, PA to New Brunswick, NJ…Needed
1 hr 15 min/58 miles
Time:  9:30 AM to 10:45 AM
Leg 11:  New Brunswick, NJ to Yonkers, NY…Needed
1 hr 9 min/51 miles
Time:  10:55 to 12:04 PM
Leg 12:  Yonkers, NY to Bridgeport, CT…Needed
1 hr/47 miles
Time:  12:15 to 1:15 PM
Leg 13:  Bridgeport, CT to New London, CT…Needed
1 hr 14 min/65 miles
Time:  1:30 to 2:44 PM

Leg 14:  New London, CT to Hanover, MA…Filled (Sandra)
2 hrs/115 miles
3 PM to 5 PM

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